The Terror from Within

Edgar Pagaza buena
Edgar Pagaza.

The turmoil in the American government has reached unimaginable heights when Congress chose to shut down last week. The democratic process has been shut out by so called congressmen that have put their ideals before the essence of what this country was founded upon: democracy and the rule of the majority.

This dangerous stalemate forced upon by a Tea Party that brands itself with patriotic demagoguery  but in reality is terrorizing a nation with its inflexible stands  to repeal Obamacare at all costs.

If Bin Laden were alive today the hostage situation created by Ted Cruz, the Koch Brothers, and the Tea Party would bring him great satisfaction as his ultimate goal was to bring down the government.

Just in this week, families of soldiers who perished in Afghanistan have not been able to receive the benefits owed to them because of the government shut down.

An unpopular law can always be repealed but only through the appropriate channels which include a signature from the President. Something that the Republicans are well aware won’t happen since it’s Obama’s key piece of legislation and which most likely will leave a lasting legacy on his presidency.

The Tea Party has chosen to persuade the public on their crusade to end the Affordable Health Care Act or Obamacare as they call it by reasoning that it is an imposition on the freedoms that have been thrust upon by the Constitution. These talking points continue despite the fact that a Supreme Court with a conservative majority ruled the law as constitutional.

But to the majority of Americans, the Tea Party movement never gained enough traction or credibility because it only focused on protecting certain liberties such as the Second Amendment while at the same time ignoring all the civil liberties we lost when the Patriot Act was enacted.

In fact, the Tea Party wasn’t born until Obama was elected in 2009 and seven years after the assault on the liberties that were lost when the Patriot Act became the law of the land.

When a movement is as inconsistent in fighting for its principles as is the Tea Party’s, it is hard to sympathize or believe that their main agenda is protecting our freedoms.

At this point in time, the War on Terror seems like a futile and moot point.  We might as well forget about destroying the Taliban, hunting down Al Quaeda and waging more wars in the Middle East. The enemy has already struck and is bringing the American government and economy down, ironically enough they are doing so by labeling themselves as patriots instead of terrorists and extremists.






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