CVUSD Adopted Resolution Strengthening Parents’ Roles In Their Children’s Education

Coachella Valley, CA. – The Council of Mexican Federations (COFEM) mobilized the East Coachella Valley Community to support the Resolution on Parent-School-Community Collaborative for Student Success. The Coachella Valley School Board’s adoption of this resolution will create a stronger support system for students by strengthening parent engagement programs and forging more effective relationships among parents, schools, and the community.

Over the last six months, COFEM invited community leaders, elected officials, representatives from various community based organizations, and district officials to join a Community Collaborative on Parental Engagement and participate in a series of informal meetings with parents to discuss increasing involvement in schools and how schools could better welcome this involvement.  One of the major action steps that were identified was the need to create stronger relationships between schools, parents/families, and the community.  Parents worked side by side with community and school district leaders where together, the various points that make up the adopted resolution were established.

“This is the year of the parent and we want more parents involved” said Maria Machuca, Coachella Valley Unified School District (CVUSD) School Board President.  “We’re facing difficult times.  We need parents engaged in their child’s schooling, present in school board meetings to help us create new policies to improve parental engagement, and also eventually as advocates in Sacramento if budget cuts continue” she added.

Through this resolution, CVUSD will among other points, ensure parent committees function according to state law in all schools, ensure Title I funds earmarked for parental engagement are prioritized, continue to work with the community driven collaborative, report regularly at school board meetings on parent engagement progress, engage parents to be involved the development of the District English Learner Master Plan, and update and publish the School Accountability Report Card.  The district will also seek to open additional Parent Resource Centers (PRC) that are accessible, interactive, and provide parents with helpful information.

 “Studies have shown time and time again that increased involvement from parents leads to improved student academic performance” said Vanessa Aramayo, Deputy Executive Director of COFEM.  Last night’s unanimous vote by the CVUSD School Board sent a clear message that this district supports parents as equal partners and will make parental involvement an integral part of plans aimed at improving student achievement.  We applaud the school board and the administration for this action” she added.

 “The Governing Board of the Coachella Valley Unified School District has declared this as the ‘Year of the Parent’” stated Superintendent Dr. Darryl S. Adams.  He continued, “We are totally committed to parent involvement and parent participation and welcome all of our parents as partners in the education of their children. Together and United We Build a Brighter Future.”



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