Rick Perry has an unexpected defender: former president Bill Clinton.

Bill Clinton defends Perry on immigration.

In an interview with USA TODAY, Clinton said he didn’t think much of the Republican field vying for the nomination against President Obama. “I think that most of what they’re debating is crazy,” he said, noting that he watched the Las Vegas debate last month, which featured spirited exchanges between Perry and former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney.

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“It makes my skin crawl when they attack Rick Perry for one of the best things he did,” Clinton says, that is, his support of a Texas law that grants in-state college tuition to illegal immigrants brought to the state as children. “What would they like?” Clinton demands. “Would they like the kid to stand on a corner and sell dope or something?”

Perry takes the same view: He says the Texas law creates “taxpaying, contributing members” of society.

Clinton cautions Democrats against dismissing the GOP field as weak and flawed.

“It’s always a mistake to underestimate your opponent,” he says. “People grow in these campaigns. How many times have you seen somebody get better in the course of an election? And it’s also unpredictable what happens.”






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